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Land Use in Mozambique

How it works at Sia Sente...

In terms of Article 3 of the Land Law (Law 19/97) and Article 46 of the constitution of Mozambique, all land ownership vests with the state. Mozambican citizens have the right to use and enjoy the land.

Foreigners, subject to certain conditions, are also permitted to the above right in the event that: all land use must be subjected to an approved investment project (CPI) in terms of law 3/93 and decree 14/93: Foreign controlled corporate bodies must be duly incorporated and registered in terms of Mozambican company legislation.

The Sia Sente development has secured a portion of land on a 49 year lease, renewable for a further 50 years. The lease has been registered in the name NSNCP, a company regitered in Mozambique, registered to trade as a tourism residential development company. The Sia Sente project complies with all the statutory requirements for the project. A full due diligence pack is available from the developers.

Shareholders in the company are entitled to build a beach house on a designated 'footprint'. E.G. the owner/shareholder of share number 7 is entitled to build a home on number 7. Upon completion, the beach houses are then registered in the name of the respective home owners and the title deed is issued for the home.

For further information is this regard, including due diligence documentation, Mozambique please contact us.