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One of the main attractions that differentiate Mozambican beaches from the rest is the fact that the beaches are still very isolated from tourists and travellers.


Mozambique can easily compete with the rest of the world for having perfect diving locations - from our colorful reefs surrounded by tropical fish; to whale sharks, turtles and dolphins, there is much to see under our clear blue waters.

Water Sports

Canoeing, sailing, surfing... you name it, it happens on the Barra peninsula. Surfing hotspots are Barra and Tofo.


The Mozambique coastline offers some of the most spectacular sport fishing in the world. Here, the Indian Ocean is unspoiled and largely unexplored, ideal for luxury fishing holidays. With its deep Mozambique channel fed by the strong north to south Mozambican current, it harbours some of the world's most exciting game and bill fish.

Species such as black, and blue striped marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dorado, various tuna species, king and queen mackerel, (jack), queenfish, barracuda and snappers are all found here.

Horse Riding

There are numerous opportunities for equestrianactivites in Barra and nearby Tofo.

Sea Kayaking

Paddle next to ancient dhows and dugout canoes as your explore the bay and mangroves.